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    'I can do better than that'

    Was the response of the founding partner when taking delivery of a workout belt from the USA.

    In his opinion not only was the belt poorly made from a leading US brand, the extortionate shipping charges didn't help either. The product took over 1 month to arrive, anyone that has experienced this knows what we are talking about.

    Three months later POW! Performance Gear was modestly launched online with five products with the sole aim to help the user, whether beginner, intermediate or professional athlete to meet their workout goals.

    Today, POW's range has increased two fold with the uncompromising emphasis of continuing to design and develop an extensive range of workout kit that delivers on exceptional functionality and durability at a fantastic price point reflected at retail and trade prices.

    POW! has grown to understand that we are making elite kit for elite individuals.

    Streamlining has begun and we are now focusing on tested and tried products and growth of those products to constantly improve them.

    POW! Performance Gear offer and is proven to maintain longer term training consistency and injury prevention. And can help with faster post recovery should an injury occur.

    As a company we are continually investing in R&D to further improve our current product range and develop products new to the market.

    By adopting this approach we aim to become the leading choice provider of workout kit offered by a British Manufacturer now and in the near future.

    We thank all our customers for your support and belief in our kit when a purchase is made which we passionately believe will assist in their fitness goals or a winning sporting performance.

    Stay with us and watch us grow …