5 Ways to Lose Weight Without Losing Muscle

Does your fitness goal include losing weight? The problem with most methods of losing weight is that they have the tendency to deplete muscle in the midst of burning fat. Muscle strength is important, especially when it comes to losing weight in a healthy manner. Here are five things to think about while losing weight to ensure that you’re not depleting your muscle in the meantime! For more information on working out efficiently, head over to this resource for weightlifting belts.

Eat adequate protein

One of the most important things you can do to ensure that you’re not losing muscle in your effort to lose weight is to make sure you’re getting enough protein on a daily basis. Research shows that eating .8 to 1.3 grams of protein per pound of body weight is a generally accepted range when it comes to adequate protein.

Be mindful when cutting calories

The simple truth is that when you’re cutting calories to create a deficit, you’re burning both muscle and fat. The best way to keep this from happening is to refrain from cutting your calories drastically. A smaller deficit is more beneficial because you will lose weight slowly, reducing that muscle loss that can occur with a heavily restricted calorie diet.

Focus on building full body strength

Building strength or maintaining the current level of muscle in the body is vital when you’re losing weight. It’s a good idea to stimulate muscle growth by focusing on strength training three to six days out of the week, balancing work outs between upper and lower body.

Don’t overdo the cardio

Unless your top goal is to increase your endurance, you should think about cutting down on your cardio! This is because high intensity cardio takes a lot more recovery as opposed to weight training. Instead of jogging for thirty minutes to an hour, consider brisk walking for the same amount of time. It will burn calories without cutting into your muscle strength!

Get adequate sleep

Recovery is vital when you’re trying to lose weight. Sleep influences hormone production in the body, most notably cortisol. When you’re sleep deprived, your body produces more cortisol. If you didn’t know, high levels of cortisol can slow down weight loss and begin the process of muscle degradation. Plus, the growth hormone which helps to build muscle is released during the deep levels of sleep.


6 Ways to Keep Motivation Strong for your Work Out

It can be hard to keep up motivation for working out some times, regardless of how studious you are! It’s always easier once you’ve gotten into the swing of things with building a routine, but even the professionals deal with days where they aren’t feeling up to the challenge. There are some days that are simply harder than others when it comes to getting the gears to start turning. is here with some proven tips and tricks that will help you keep your motivation on track so you can continuously work toward your fitness goals in body building or otherwise.

Motivation is defined as something that gives us purpose and a greater sense of direction. So, when you’re feeling less than excited to complete your routine for the day, take a second to meditate on what it is that is drives you. Do you have a desire to compete, have greater stamina for your children, or lose weight? A lot of the time, it is up to us to create our motivation. It isn’t going to fall right into our lap one day out of nowhere!

Set goals

Even though most people only set one fitness goal, it’s a good idea to set multiple goals! For example, try to set daily, weekly, and monthly goals.This way, you will feel extra accomplished after each work out and motivated for your next one. Having both big and small goals to work toward keeps your mind on the right track as it relates to your fitness goals.

Don’t be afraid to reward yourself

Our brains are hardwired to look for rewards, and this is part of the reason why we love our cell phones so much! Rewarding yourself for your work out progress is a sure way to make sure it lasts for a long time. It can be something as simple as a massage after a particularly hard session, buying yourself a book you’ve been looking forward to, or a vacation after you reach your biggest goal. Think about what truly motivates you and figure out which reward will work best for you.

Incorporate music

Most of us work out to music, but have you considered using music as motivation when you’re having a hard time staying on track with your fitness goals? Music is a unique tool because it engages our minds! Make a playlist that motivates you, whether it’s with motivational lyrics or an upbeat tempo. Get your body moving a bit with dance before you jump into your work out. You might be surprised at how much it helps you stay motivated before and during your work out.

Get Disciplined

Getting into a routine is one of the best things you can do when you’re working toward a fitness goal. Habits really stick with us, so you want to make sure that they’re good ones The longer you do something at the same time, the better it will stick! Making your exercise a ritual like brushing your teeth will allow it to fall naturally into your life, and you will be able to stick to it for a lot longer than you would have otherwise. Which leads us to our next point!

Schedule your workout

Try your absolute best to make a commitment to work out at a certain time or day. If you have a planner, write it in a week ahead of time! If you don’t have a planner, put it into your phone along with a reminder. When you make an effort to schedule things ahead of time, it feels as though it’s something that is not negotiable. Take it a step further if you want by scheduling yourself in at a fitness class near you. This way, you’re a lot less likely to skip out on your work out session as you’ve already committed.

Be flexible

We don’t mean physically! It’s important to be flexible with your fitness routine. For example, you might think that you’re going bench press more weight today, but it doesn’t necessarily work out like that. Don’t get so frustrated that you stray from finishing strong or feel too defeated to try again tomorrow. It’s also worth noting that some days are busier than others, and something unexpected might pop up. You can try to be ready with a routine that’s less intense and time consuming so you can still get a bit of physical activity in without feeling like you’ve missed your opportunity for the day.


Big fan of strapping

I’ve never been a big fan of strapping up when it comes to training as I truly believe it weakens the joints however when you’ve been lifting as long as I have you find that your body catches up with you and in order to move forward you need to keep yourself protected. That is why I have teamed up with POW! to help aid with the strenuous training I will be putting my body through for the upcoming Worlds competition.

The difference with these straps is that I can literally go as heavy as I am physically capable of without any discomfort. This is the first time I am able to say that. 2 months ago I was in the A&E trying to get my wrist fixed now I’m in the gym training like a mad man! Don’t leave it too late like I did if you’re training heavy, it will catch up with you! I just thank God I found POW! Performance Gear Lets Grow.


Why weight lifting equipment’s?

Gym equipment’s are very popular nowadays as more and more people are diverting towards shaping up their body through a fitness program, despite of the vigorous exercise carried out in a gym, the significance of their associated accessories is still under qualms. It might be true that these equipment’s could not give the 100 percent positive result ,but to some extent for sue they are playing their role to support and build up your muscles after a solid work out .But you should be very vigilant that which type of gear is right for you as every accessory has its purpose .

The most common are those that are meant for weight lifting as hauling extra pounds demand some support for your body parts .These include belts, wraps & Straps ,gloves  and Lifting hooks & more .The purpose of each is to give maximum support to your muscles ,spine or back and assist you to bear maximum weight with easy postures and less strain. These equipments should be bought from reliable sources .If you survey for a competitive weight lifting accessory you can browse .This site has a variety of weight lifting equipments in affordable prices to let your work out progress smartly and easily


Building a balanced physique

Trying my hardest to bring up my arms. Being long limbed (lanky git) I struggle with thickness in my arms. Also my sports of past have never really helped. Cricket and fighting especially focuses very much on shoulder movements and very little need for bicep/tricep contraction. Plus the repetitiveness of movement and high cardio base is awful for muscle building.


So now is time to focus on building a balanced physique, and arms are definitely one area for improvement for me. I plan on using barbell curls, isolation dumbbell curls and concentration curls to build up my biceps and skull crushers, close grip bench press and push downs for triceps. I will try adding two sessions a week for arms and see how that works, but I will measure progress and if nothing happens I will reduce back to one session per week. I never like to pass an idea up before trying it out. What works for you may not me and vice versa. So trial and error in this game is vital



Work in progress

Work in progress. I have to keep a check on reality and my progress. I have a unique problem/ situation in the sense that I stand out, hard to believe but it’s true! now for what I do standing out can be as good as it can be bad. In all areas I work in this is true. In film I may be to much of a strong look to get a certain role, where as I may be absolutely perfect for another. The fact I’m 6’7 : 348 lb : covered in tats definitely makes me one of a kind. Now, regards to fitness I have in the past neglected the finer points of my physique and masked them with just my sheer presence.

 Well no longer, after some harsh assessment and a slept around the head I realize being big and tall isn’t an excuse for not giving it your all and setting the bar high. I’m in an amazing position now to do this and prove to myself (as that’s all anyone needs to do) that I can do this. So here comes 12 months of planning to be as near to perfect form as I can be. I’m not saying I will ever do a show, but I want to be able to take my top off next to a good bodybuilder and not look stupid. People often ask how I stay motivated. Well it’s rather simple, I haven’t achieved anywhere near what I want or should of yet. So going out as a failure is no option in my eyes.



Never give up on your dreams

So I’ve had the most amazing few days. Massive news, which I can’t wait to release. So so much going on. Never give up on your dreams. I was lost when I finished playing cricket. I was convinced I would turn pro and that would be my life set out. With injuries, bad luck and just losing love for the game that never happened. But the void was never filled. I knew deep down I needed to succeed at something, that I had an ability to shine in some way. I have always been so focused and committed with a crazy ambition to WIN.

 Fast forward to today, I’m travelling the world with fitness, made two films with 3 more already lined up. Not to mention 3 businesses to my name. It’s not until you sit back and take a minute to appreciate what you have got. I’m by no means clever, over talented or special. But what I do have is heart and focus. I won’t ever give up, never step down and won’t give in. I remove negative people from my life and always try to look for the positive of all situations. Never give up on your dreams and always believe in your ability.


Weight lifting belts

Researches on weightlifting belts demonstrate a marked increase in the muscle activity of the abdominal muscles.. The data reveals that belts are the means of development. When you are squatting or dead lifting enormous pounds, you must consider that your spine should remain steady with reduce compressive forces. Wearing a belt during weightlifting procedures increases the intra-abdominal pressure. The pressure inside the abdominal cavity support the spine from the inside, while the abdominal wall core muscles  and lower back shove on the spine from the outside. This inside and outside pressure neutralize to make the spine firm and stable so you can stress freely lift up those heavy weights.

You can search for these belts anywhere but if you log on to you will find a variety that suits with every training scheme .The belts available here are made of the best and standard quality material which provide exceptional support for lower back, their shape and design, fits perfectly around the waist, their light weight and adjustable Velcro fastening keep the accessory and your waist in full protection


Weight lifting hooks

Weight lifting hooks help your grip so you can think on lifting a lot more? It let you hold 100-150 lbs without a slip. These hooks differ from straps as. Instead of wrapping around the straight bar the weight lifting hooks is placed around your wrists along with an aluminum or steel hook that will grasp the straight bar. When you train your back heavy the weakest link often gives out or gets tired before the back has fatigued. While performing heavy rows or shrugs your grip will slip before and these weight lifting hooks assist you to hold the heavy weights as you move with these weight lifting hooks. It helps to make your back muscles grow.

The steel Power Lifting Hooks is a training gadget for heavier lifts. It is equipped with secure fastening system, which makes them perfect for all pulling exercises. These hooks give optimum hand grip releasing your hand exhaustion. These steel based lifting hooks  are available easily in the market and online offers the most reliable weight lifting hooks for you and if you need a robust grip you can check those  CS Power Lifting Hooks or  Power D Lifting Hooks and have a stress free grip on your bars


Knee wraps for weightlifting

These Prodigy Pro  Knee Wraps provide support on all sort of weight lifting .The added protection while handling heavy weight requires solid material with an approximate length of 6 to 9 inches which is made of an elastic material to provide optimum stretch .It could be a polyester or cotton wrap whereas a blend of both is quite good. These wraps have quality, hooks or closure for optimum safety and sound grip.

These knee wraps are specially designed to a certified standard that provide the right support to the knee joint. This is a crucial requirement for the leg work outs especially when you are involve in a heavy lift. These knee wraps are available in standard lengths and quality fasteners are attached to them to provide complete protection and functionality. To bear the ultimate tension buy a quality knee wrap for assorted squats. is presenting valuable gears for your workout schedules and if you try these amazing products you can feel the worth .Just check those Prodigy PRO knee wraps to fold your knees in finest protection and firm support.