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Profiles and Interviews → Vicky McCann

Vicky McCann, bodybuilder

Height:5ft 3in
Competition Weight:125lbs
Off Season Weight:145lbs

Best Lifts: Deadlift 165kg, Bench Press 82.5kg, Squat 130kg

Which gym do you currently train at? The Body Academy, Perth Scotland

What got you started in bodybuilding? When I was at school they had a multi gym which I enjoyed using. This progressed when I became a PE student and I started to become more serious about my training. I also admired muscular bodies and knew I wanted to be muscular.

Past or present bodybuilding idol and why? My first idol was Gladys Portuguese—when I first started training I wanted to have a physique like hers. She was extremely feminine with muscle.


Where did you place in your very first competition? I was 2nd in my first competition.

Best bodybuilding achievement? Winning my Pro card in 1995 and then winning the Pro Universe title in 2006

Best achievement outside of bodybuilding? I was BDFPA British Powerlifting Champion and set a World record in that organisation with a 165kg Deadlift at bodyweight 60kg.
Opening my own gym in 2008.

What is your motivation to train and/or compete? Training is part of my life it has been since at school and I love the feeling of being fit and strong. Competition is just the end result whether bodybuilding or powerlifting it is goal setting. Things are easier to achieve if you have goals.

Place the following in order of importance:
What is your training philosophy?
Train as hard and heavy as you can, you need to force your muscles to grow.
Favourite body part?Back
Favourite exercise?Deadlifts
Favourite on season food?Potato
Favourite off season food?Pizza or steak and chips
Favourite film?Gladiator or Flashdance
Favourite book?Hard to name one, any good thriller
Favourite type of music?Again hard to name one, varies depending on mood and activity
Favourite activity away from bodybuilding?Watching films
Favourite Item of clothing?Jeans
Favourite POW! training essential?Belt and lifting straps

What other sport would you have pursued if you didn’t do bodybuilding? I enjoy lots of sports so hard to choose one. Possible some kind of martial art or boxing.

Where can you see yourself in 5 years time inside or outside bodybuilding? I have been very lucky in what I have achieved in my sport I will continue to compete and hopefully win more Pro titles and I will continue to run the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone entering bodybuilding competitively or non-competitively? Bodybuilding is a lifestyle rather than just a hobby to be successful you need to be willing to hurt physically and mentally. It is however very satisfying when you achieve your goal.
Consistency is the key.

Any closing comments? The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.


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