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Joe Weider's Bodybuilding Training System

Joe Weider's Bodybuilding Training System

This multi-DVD collection brings together fitness experts and the biggest bodybuilding stars; all the great athletes of their time at the peak of their careers. The Mega DVD Edition includes appearances and one-on-one instructional presentations from Joe Weider and a cast of famous champion IFBB bodybuilders and sports medical experts. It also includes a bonus system guide, nutrition log and training log on CD-ROM. This is your chance to train like never before! Joe Weiders Bodybuilding Training System is not available in any store, nor in any other DVD collection. Features: 4 DVDs, plus 1 CD-ROM 10 training sessions, packed with nearly 6.5 hours of comprehensive bodybuilding training information Featuring Joe Weider and 47 IFBB champions and fitness experts who teach and demonstrate the Weider System 90 exercise demonstration and routines 4 full-body workout programs 46-page System Program Guide, complete with a Weider Dictionary of important terms Perpetual training log to plan and track your workout and nutrition programs With 6.5 hours Including: Session 1. Introduction: The Weider System Session 2. Basic Bodybuilding Techniques Session 3. Back & Biceps Session 4. Chest & Triceps Session 5. Legs & Shoulders Session 6. Detail Training: Calves, Abs & Forearms Session 7. Mass & Strength Training Session 8. Nutrition & Diet Session 9. Advanced Training: The Weider Principles Session 10. Training Safe & Smart Session 1. Introduction: The Weider System. Reviews the origins and history of bodybuilding, explains why bodybuilding is the most effective and efficient method of exercise, and the development of the Weider System, along with previews of Sessions 2 through 10. Session 2. Basic Bodybuilding Techniques. Contains information to get you started on basic bodybuilding techniques and about the body, such as: how muscles adopt to exercise, progressive resistance weight training, about sets, reps and split system training, about rest and recuperation, about free weights vs. machines, and quality training techniques. Also reviews and presents how to create a bodybuilding training program, just like the champions. Session 3. Back & Biceps. Reviews the muscles of the back and what they do, back training techniques and exercises, the biceps muscles and what they do, and biceps training techniques and exercises. Session 4. Chest & Triceps. Reviews the muscles of the chest and what they do, chest training techniques and exercises, the triceps muscles and what they do, triceps training techniques and exercises. Session 5. Legs & Shoulders. Reviews the muscles of the hips, quadriceps and hamstrings and what they do, leg training techniques, the muscles of the shoulders and what they do, and shoulder training techniques. Session 6. Detail Training: Calves, Abs & Forearms. Reviews the muscles of the calves and what they do, calf training techniques and exercises, the muscles of the abs and what they do, abs training techniques and exercises, the muscles of the forearms and what they do, forearm training techniques and exercises. Session 7. Mass & Strength Training. Reveals mass training techniques and principles to build awesome muscle size and strength. Reviews mass versus quality workouts, strength versus power, and compensatory acceleration, along with top mass building exercises. Session 8. Nutrition & Diet. Covers the vital A to Zs of nutrition for massing up and muscle definition ??” the macronutrients, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, how much to eat and when to eat, about losing fat and maintaining muscle, the importance of avoiding carbohydrate deprivation, and year round consistency for best results. Session 9. Advanced Training: The Weider Principles. The Weider Principles are the foundation of successful bodybuilding. Each principle is reviewed in detail, and also included in the System Program Guide for easy reference. The Weider Training Principals help to plan your training cycle, arrange your workouts, and perform each exercise. Some of the training principles include the Split-System Training Principle, Holistic Training Principle, Instinctive Training Principle, and Muscle Priority Training Principle. Session 10. Training Safe & Smart. This session reviews expert tips and approaches for safe training. Included are presentations about workout clothing, straps, wraps, and belts, and basic sports-medicine principles, such as how to recognize and deal with minor injuries, common types of injuries and therapy. Covers expert tips on preventing injuries, proper warm-up and stretching. A World Renowned Series Originally brought to life in a comprehensive set of 10 videos, the athletes and fitness experts visually presented the Weider System for the public in a way which was never done before. Little was it known at the time, that this was going to be the greatest documentation of all time. You will see superstar athletes like Franco Columbu, Lou Ferrigno, Lee Labrada, Cory Everson, Frank Zane and other greats presenting the system; and thats a one-of-a-kind classic presented in a digitally re-mastered format. Joe Weider and his champions show you step-by-step how to develop and follow an effective bodybuilding resistance training program that will result in building an awesome physique. Legendary bodybuilding champions appearing on the DVDs include: Shelley Beatti, Franco Columbu, Cory Everson, Lou Ferrigno, Rich Gaspari, Raye Hollitt, Tonya Knight, Lee Labrada, Mike Matarazzo, Rachel McLish, Lenda Murray, Bob Paris, Shawn Ray, Sandy Riddell, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vince Taylor, Flex Wheeler, Dorian Yates, Frank Zane. About Joe Weider As the Father of Modern Bodybuilding, Joe Weider has trained and mentored the greatest athletes in the sport worldwide. Joe is co-founder of the fifth largest international sport federation; IFBB, and creator of the biggest, most prestigious professional bodybuilding event; Joe Weiders Olympia. As a fitness magazine publisher, Joe launched leading titles including Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Shape and Mens Fitness. Celebrating over 70 years of excellence, Weider Health + Fitness continues to provide people around the globe with wellness solutions and products.

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